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High School Policies (New for 2016-2017 school year)

1. Comprehensive exams will be at the teacher's discretion, but students
will be informed of the final within the first week of school.
2. Within a semester grading period, students can miss a maximum of twelve
(12) days, not including absences for school approved activities, to
routinely receive credit. Missing more than twelve classes will require
the student to make up work on Edgenuity, our on-line curriculum. Students
will be enrolled by the principal or his designee in the appropriate Class
in order to make up the time missed after twelve absences. Students will
have 30 calendar days, from being enrolled, to make up the work. If the
work is not completed within that time period, the student's grade will
drop two letter grades. Administration has the discretion/flexibility to
deviate from the grid as deemed necessary due to extenuating
circumstances. Examples could be accidents, extended illnesses, or
surgeries that require the student to miss more than the twelve allowed
3. Backpacks, book bags, and other outside of class materials, will be
left in the student's locker.