School districts that receive monies under the Federal Title programs and services must inform families of their rights and
responsibilities. We are including this information on the district web page for your review and follow-up if necessary.Teacher
QualificationsParents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child's/children's classroom \
teachers and paraprofessionals.

Professional qualifications include:

  • Whether or not the teacher has met Kansas licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas being taught:

  • The baccalaureate degree and any other graduate certification or degree and the field of discipline of both;

  • If services are provided by paraprofessionals, their qualifications;

  • If the teacher is teaching under emergency or professional waiver.

Parent Involvement

The Kansas Parent Involvement Resource Center is the federally funded resource center for family engagement under No Child Left Behind. The following link serves as a resource for educators and families in an effort to increase family engagement with schools.


Assessment Scores

Parents have the right to access their child's assessment scores at any time throughout the year. You may do so by calling the school in which your child attends. Parents may also access their school, district and state report cards by clicking on the link below.

http://svapp15586.ksde.org/rcard/district.aspx?org no=DO288

Homeless and Unaccompanied Youth

Through the McKinney-Vento Act, homeless students have the right to access public education and a school must do their best to eliminate barriers that might prevent access. For further information regarding the educational rights of homeless children click on the link below.


Questions? Call District Title Program Coordinator at 785-869-3455.